I am starting blog writing

I am starting blog writing

Who am I?

I'm currently serving as the CTO at cheerio.in, where my role spans across various positions, including Product Manager, Tech Lead, and Senior Full Stack Developer. Before my time at cheerio.in, I held the position of Tech Lead at getclientell.com. Over the years, I've successfully led teams of developers at both organizations, focusing on reducing technical debt, implementing agile and scrum methodologies, and achieving streamlined development cycles with increased velocity.

My expertise lies in AWS, where I've crafted scalable architectures for organizations. I specialize in developing responsive, mobile-first, SEO-friendly user interfaces and their corresponding backends, ensuring effective connectivity. Additionally, I bring valuable experience in developing initial MVPs for startups and have collaborated with companies worldwide, contributing to the enhancement of web applications and the development of entire websites.

My diverse portfolio includes contributions to EdTech platforms like zaio.io and practworks.com, involvement in ML/AI/Data Science projects at getclientell.com, engagements in Fintech with finsight.ai and Karat Capital Pvt. Ltd., participation in the banking sector with weexpand.co, content provision on careerado.com, social impact initiatives with hunger.link and liquidonate.com, and various others, such as pineappleacademy.com.

My technical proficiency spans across Reactjs, Nextjs, Gatsbyjs, Typescript, Javascript, Nodejs Expressjs, Firebase, Supabase, and Relational and Non-Relational Databases like SQL, MongoDB, PostGreSQL, among others. I am well-versed in modern CSS libraries such as Material UI, Ant Design, Bootstrap, Tailwind UI, Mantine, and utilize HTML, CSS/SASS/LESS. I leverage modern React libraries like Redux, Formik, Yup, and I am experienced in implementing Auth 2.0, Auth0, and Supertokens.

Why am I starting blogging?

Starting this blog allows me to share my insights, experiences, and expertise in the dynamic world of technology, development, and leadership. I look forward to creating content that resonates with fellow tech enthusiasts, developers, and anyone keen on staying updated with the latest in the digital landscape. Stay tuned for valuable insights, tutorials, and stories from my journey in the tech industry!