Embrace Feedback for Professional Growth

Embrace Feedback for Professional Growth


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I found it relatable when Julie Zhuo said,

Would you tell your personal trainer, “Oh, I’m pretty fit, I’ve got it under control” when she asks you how she can help you achieve a better workout? Of course not. That is not how a coaching relationship works.

Having never worked in a conventional job with managers, my default response would be "all good" when someone with more experience than me asked me about how I was doing.

Little did I realize, that this approach hindered my professional growth, leading to missed opportunities and a lack of valuable advice.

  1. This prevented people from giving me valuable advice that would have helped me.

  2. I felt under constant pressure not to be judged by someone who acted as my manager or had more experience.

  3. I felt people would think I was not competent enough.

This trait is something that can hinder your personal growth. It wasn't until I assumed the role of CTO at Cheerio, that my mindset changed.

Your manager's job is to help you perform better. When you excel, your manager excels, creating a symbiotic relationship. The better you perform, your manager does better and hence it is natural for them to be vested in your career and help you perform better. Leveraging their experience and guidance accelerates your career progression.

Embrace feedback, welcome advice, and allow yourself to be vulnerable. This shift in mindset not only benefits your professional journey but also fosters a collaborative environment where personal and collective success go hand in hand.